How to Use an EpiPen

The summary for people familiar with the EpiPen is:

  • Flip open the yellow (or green) cap
  • Remove the blue safety cap

“Blue to the sky, orange to the thigh”

  • Press the orange end into the thigh

(You should hear a click – this means it is working)

  • HOLD it there for three seconds
  • Then remove it, being careful with the orange end as it still contains the needle.

Finally, the most important step is to call 911 Emergency Services.

The above is intended as a summary only and not intended to be a complete guide to using the EpiPen. Please make sure you are familiar with signs of anaphylaxis, EpiPen precautions, when to administer a second EpiPen, possible side effects etc.

The following official EpiPen video shows visually how to administer the EpiPen, and includes more detailed information: