4 Egg Alternatives for Allergy-Conscious Baking

If you or a loved one have an egg allergy you’ll know how it can feel like every recipe has egg in it! But don’t worry, this doesn’t need to be the end of your cake-eating days. If you’re willing to do the baking, there are plenty of egg-alternatives, so here are our top picks.


Aquafaba is the leftover liquid from cooking beans or legumes. The easiest way to get it is in a can of chickpeas or beans. This thick liquid is an excellent egg-white alternative. It can even be beaten to make meringue! You can even freeze it for later, if you find yourself with too much. Use 3 tablespoons of this miracle ingredient per egg.

Apple Sauce

Applesauce can be used to bind a baking mixture or to add moisture to your egg-free cake, slice or cookies. Try to use ‘unsweetened’ and remember that ¼ cup sauce is the equivalent of one egg.

Sparkling Water

If you require a replacement rising agent, sparkling water is a light, easy egg alternative. Three tablespoons of sparkling water equals one egg. You can even use some still water, oil and a teaspoon of baking powder if you don’t have sparkling water on hand.

Margarine (for glaze)

Occasionally egg is needed as a glaze. A little whisked ‘egg wash’ helps give pastry a good colour and shine. But if you are cooking for someone with an egg allergy, you’ll even need a replacement for this small amount of egg. A little melted margarine or vegetable oil makes an excellent replacement for an egg wash glaze.

As good as these egg-replacements are, if a recipe requires over three eggs the results won’t likely mirror the original recipe. You may be better off choosing another recipe.

With so many egg-replacements, there is no excuse for boring baking. Your family and friends can enjoy egg-free baking and the rest won’t even know the difference!

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